Inner Earth is a 6-week visionary program of self-discovery that will take you deep through your inner world on a journey of personal transformation and self-realisation.

How INNER EARTH Can Help You


Explore Your INNER EARTH

Journey though a different part of yourself each week

The Kingdom represents your Life and all that you’ve created. Bring awareness to the qualities of Leadership, Ordering, Fertility and Blessing.

The Mountains represent your Fears that may be holding you back. Bring awareness to the qualities of Clarity, Decisive Action, Inner Strength & Courage.

The Forest represents your Mind and where it can lead you. Bring awareness to the qualities of Awareness, Insight, Knowledge, Wisdom and Alchemy.

The Oasis represents your Heart in how you love and create. Bring awareness to the qualities of Play, Connectedness, Compassion, Creativity & Imagination.

This week is about resting, reflecting, contemplating, integrating and preparing.

This is a special week as you Return to the Kingdom and declare who you are and who you want to be moving forward in your life.


Inner Earth 1-2-1 Client


The Most Beautiful Awakening

I would really recommend this course to anyone really wanting to find themselves again. I feel my purpose has come back to life and I am the best version of myself I have ever been.

Scheduled Weekly Content​

All the tools you need for the journey.

Weekly 1-2 Hour Zoom/Phone Calls, Live Guided Meditation, Discussion and Sharing.

Weekly connection practice to invoke the energies and intentions for the week.

Each week you’ll receive a downloadable guided journey, to help you travel through the realm.

Learn a new animal flow component each week to build a full flow over the 6 weeks.

Bonus Materials

Workbook and eBook

The Inner Earth eWorkbook will give you a full overview of the journey ahead and my book ‘Journey to the Centre of your Soul’ will teach you core concepts to use during the 6 weeks.

Join Fellow Travellers

Private Community

You’ll also have access to the Inner Circle private community where you can discuss the realms with other travellers and get in touch with me for support and technical assistance.

Travel Through INNER EARTH

With Guidance and Support all the way

The Companion is for a 1-2-1 experience.

Travel with Adam your personal Life Journey Facilitator to guide your adventure.

It includes all resources along with weekly 1-2-1 zoom calls, plus access to the Inner Circle community.

The Companion

The 1-2-1 Guided Experience
£ 997
Split Payment Available
  • Weekly 1-2-1 Coaching Calls
  • Weekly Introduction Video
  • Weekly Connection Practise
  • Weekly Movement Practise
  • Weekly Guided Meditations
  • Program Workbook
  • eBook 'The Journey'
  • Private Community Access
  • Teaching Platform with Mobile Access
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Inner Earth 1-2-1 Client


A Divine Gift

If you're thinking about pivoting your life and finding your Inner Earth, this course is for you. If you, like me, are fascinated by the question of who I am, then look no further. Adam coaches because he wants every souls purpose to shine.

14 Day 100% Guarantee

I offer a 100% 14-Day Money Back Guarantee if you don’t feel you receive the value expected.

Guaranteed Benefits...

Discover More Meaning In Life 100%
Lead with Purpose 100%
Take Decisive Action 100%
Make Courageous Decisions 100%
Challenges into Opportunities 100%
Harness Your Mind 100%
Live From Your Heart 100%

Your Questions Answered​

Inner Earth is a totally unique experience, very different from a normal coaching program. The journey through Inner Earth is a metaphorical adventure through your inner world. It will guide you to find the answers within you.

If you’re feeling a little lost in life right now, are maybe transitioning between chapters or feel that you need to connect with the sacred mission you came here to fulfill. Then YES !!

Inner Earth is a 6-8 week journey, as I’ve found that’s an optimum amount of time to keep momentum and focus for most people. Although I always allow for additional weeks for illness, holiday or if you just need more time to explore where you’re at, with my support.

Approximately 1-2 hours depending on what comes up during the call, where you’re at and what you need in that moment for support.

Either via zoom or whatsapp audio voice call.

Yes there is the option to either pay the full amount upfront or split between 2 x monthly payments.

Yes, I offer a 100% 14-Day money-back guarantee if you don’t feel like you received the value you expected. All I ask from you is that you give me detailed feedback as to why so that I can improve the service.

Adam Stansbury Profile

Let's Connect

My name is Adam Stansbury a Life Journey Facilitator and I’m here to reconnect you with your sacred mission and the magic within, I’ve had over ten years of experience as a coach helping hundreds of people to find a deeper understanding of themselves through movement and life philosophy.

If you are curious to learn more about my Inner Earth program, then you can watch the Inner Earth Guided Tour so you can see if it is a good fit for you before you spend your hard earned cash.

I’m really excited to show you what I’ve created and what it can do for you.


Inner Earth 1-2-1 Client


Reconnection with the Divine

Having just completed the 6-week intensive course Adam offers, I would like to offer my testimonial to other like-minded people who are considering working with Adam. Our journey together has been very tough but very rewarding, he helped me delve into the abyss of self-discovery and aided in my reconnection with the divine.

Are you struggling with life & finances right now?

I’m offering one free 1-2-1 coaching place every 2 months to someone who is really in need of help right now.

If this sounds like you, then click on the button and fill in the application form.

Meditation Download

Free Meditation

Download the Inner Earth Week 1 Guided Meditation and get access to the Inner Earth Guided Tour.