Life Journey Coaching

Are you at a crossroads in life and feeling lost?

I will help you to find Direction, Clarity, Purpose and to see, feel and share the value within you, so you can create a Fulfilling Life of Abundance, Joy and Freedom.


Are unsure how to claim your power?

Do you feel like you have more to offer?

Have you ever felt like somethings missing?

How Life Journey Coaching Can Help You

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Pay What It's Worth

A mutually beneficial payment structure to encourage trust and honesty.

‘Paying What It’s Worth’ is not to be confused with ‘Can’ or ‘Want’ as it requires a much deeper deliberation from you in terms of the value you place not just on my value as a coach, but also on the value that you place on your own personal transformation and future self.

  • It creates a bond and trust between us that promotes honesty and fairness.
  • It promotes an abundant, giving mindset from the outlook in both of us.
  • It creates a deep layer of accountability in both of us before we begin and a powerful energy we take into the transformative coaching process.

If this feels like a process and program, you feel ready to enter into with me then first select a day and time for our discovery call and fill in the booking form.

  • We will connect via an online zoom call. You share who you are, where you are and what you would like my help with.
  • I then share with you what I can offer you in terms of the coaching process and the value that it may have for you.
  • You then go away and feel into the value of our connection, what I’m offering in relation to your needs and means.
  • You send me your offer for the exchange.
  • I evaluate your offer based on our connection, your situation/means, the value to you and the value of what I am offering.
  • I then contact you accepting or declining your offer.
  • We can agree to the full fee before coaching begins with payment options if required or you can offer a starting payment that you can review after the 12-week journey is complete.
  • A satisfactory initial payment must be agreed and paid before the coaching begins.
  • Remember this process is about creating a mutually beneficial feeling before we begin.
  • A Transformative Life Experience that will impact all areas of your life.
  • The value of knowing your purpose.
  • The value of no longer feeling lost.
  • The value of knowing your own value.
  • 12-Weeks of mentorship and direct contact with me.
  • A coach who will hold you in Unconditional Positive Regard.
  • 12-24 hours of live coaching calls, each call is between 1-2 hours each week.
  • Energy healing work to release blockages and enhance the transformative process.
  • Mon-Fri messaging support.
  • Is what I’m offering a true reflection on what I feel the program is worth?
  • Does my offer reflect abundance or scarcity?
  • Am I offering enough to feel a deep sense of intention and accountability for my actions during the program?
  • Does my offer truly reflect how much I value my own personal transformation?

Understand that if I feel your offer does not feel in alignment with your personal situation, means and the benefit to your life from my coaching, then your offer maybe compassionately declined.

This is not personal, but it is a good sign for both of us that we are not quite aligned, which is essential for us before we enter the magical process of transformation, that requires trust, respect, and honesty from both of us.

Consciously evaluate the worth of what you are receiving, as I also desire to benefit from this exchange as well.

The number one reason for this approach is to create a mutually beneficial exchange between us, so that our time together goes above and beyond a normal transactional relationship.

This process may bring up triggers around money and communication, so the transformative process begins the moment you book a call.

Let The Journey Begin


Let's Talk

Book a free 30 minute call with me and let the journey begin.

The World Needs Your Medicine

There’s a reason why none of us are the same, because we all have our own unique blueprint and medicine to share with the world.

Are you afraid of being seen and sharing your power?

Do you have a feeling you need to step up?

Have you ever felt like you have more to offer?

Do you feel like a round peg surrounded by square holes?

Well, me too and I’ve been on a journey trying to figure myself out since I left school in 1994. It’s only now when I get to look back on the last 30 years that it all makes sense to me.

I needed to search, explore and ultimately accept my unique powers so that I could share them with others and step into my truth.

Combined with a lack of direction also came a lack of self-worth for me. No wonder in a society that places material value over precious human qualities.

It’s been a long journey of self-acceptance for me and it wasn’t until I was forced to remove all external distractions, materialism, money and relationships that I was able to see the value within me fully.

There was no other choice and nowhere else to look but within me.

This is why I chose to become a Life Journey Facilitator, so that I can share my medicine with the world and to help others find their purpose and see their innate value.

I don’t have the answers for you, you have those but what I do have is a deep compassion for your journey. I know what questions to ask and which tools to use instinctively to shine a light on your path for you to walk.


My Coaching Process

Holding you in unconditional positive regard, I will guide you to your truth, through discussion and contemplation.

Using Guided Meditation and Energy healing to gain more clarity and understanding.

With continued discussion and self-awareness you will Integrate the new version of yourself.

“The brighter you turn up the lights the darker the shadows become.”


100% Clarity & Freedom

I guarantee that time spent working with me will allow you to see yourself more clearly. From that place of understanding your life will flow more freely.

The Benefits...

Clarity 100%
Purpose 100%
Self-Worth 100%

Let's Talk

Book a free 30 minute call with me and let the journey begin.

What's Included?

Calls, Distant Reiki, Books, Courses and Support to get the most from your experience.

Weekly 1-2 Hour Zoom/Phone Calls, Live Guided Meditation, Discussion and Sharing.

Reiki Energy can be sent from a distant and can help to rebalance the flow of energy in your body.

Access to my books and courses as part of the process.


Your questions answered

This is a 12 week 1-2-1 coaching container between you and me.

This will create a safe, supportive and transformative space for you to go on a journey and find your true purpose.

12 weeks or 3 months is a good amount of time to let go of old attachments, create new programs of self belief and to then integrate them, so that you see the results in your life during the 12 week process.

That depends on what you want help with, your intention is everything. But in general terms my coaching will help you to; Live with Passion and Purpose, Improve your communication and relationships, create more inner peace, set healthier boundaries, unleash your creative powers, let go of old stories and attachments and live with more joy and freedom.

You can, but the journey will be longer and more challenging, believe me!

We can get stuck in a loop with our own thoughts if we are left to our own devices.

Having a guide and container to express your thoughts into allows you to lay them out in a more linear and understandable format.

Between 1-2 hours depending on where you’re at and what you need during that session.

We go deep into conversation, meditation journeys or distant reiki healing.

The focus is always on you and what you need.

Either via zoom or whatsapp audio voice call.

Weekly coaching calls to guide you through the process, along with practises to assist the process outside of the coaching call container.

The relevant practises will be prescribed to you depending on what you need.

The coaching calls will include deep reflective conversations, guided meditations and or distant energy balancing.

You will also be given a copy of my book and audio book, along with access and use of my online courses.

These will also be used as part of the journey we go on.

I operate a ‘Pay What It’s Worth’ system for my 1-2-1 coaching journey.

For more information click here visit the ‘Pay What It’s Worth’ section above…

Who Am I?

My name is Adam Stansbury and I am a Life Journey Facilitator.

I guide men and women who are at a crossroads in life and are feeling lost to find direction, clarity, purpose and to see, feel and share the value within them, so they can create a fulfilling life of abundance, joy and freedom.


Book a Discovery Call

Book a FREE 30 minute call and let’s discover more about each other to see if we are a good fit and to begin your transformative process.