Life Journey Facilitation

Guiding with empathy, compassion, wisdom and experience.

Let's not over complicate things

If it’s not Simple it’s not Sustainable.

Life Journey Facilitation is about guiding and supporting you along your chosen life path, asking the right questions and listening with empathy and compassion so that I can reflect back to you with questions to guide you to your own deeper wisdom.

I decided to go with a basic system of 1-on-1 coaching call packages. I prefer to work 1-on-1 with clients because I love the richness of getting to know you and explore on a deeper level.

The coaching calls we have can be used in a multitude of ways to suit your needs, but my expertise is best directed for the following three purposes:

Spiritual Guidance – It is easy to get lost in the ‘dream’ of human life and hard to sometimes step back to see the bigger picture and deeper meaning in your experiences. 

Psychedelic Integration – Plant medicines show you the door and what’s inside it, but then you have to take that wisdom and integrate it into your human experience, so that you may navigate life with less suffering. 

Energy Balancing – I prefer balancing as opposed to healing. Healing is a human concept that insinuates you are not whole, whereas balancing is a more universal concept and takes the perspective that you are whole but require aligning. 

Whichever you choose my approach is one of empowerment, guiding you to find the answers within.

Coaching Services

Guide, Integrate & Balance

Step back and understand the deeper meaning for the life you’re living.

Make sense and integrate the deep and mystical experiences of plant medicines.

Learn to recognise when you are out of balance and how you can realign yourself.


100% Clarity & Freedom

I guarantee that time spent working with me will allow you to see yourself more clearly. From that place of understanding your life will flow more freely.

The Benefits...

Increased Self Awareness 100%
Clairty of Direction & Purpose 100%
Inner Peace & Freedom 100%


Light the fire within
£ 380 4 Weeks
  • 4 x Coaching Calls
  • My book The Journey
  • Weekday Support


To your infinite potential
£ 720 8 Weeks
  • 8 x Coaching Calls
  • My Book The Journey
  • Weekday Support


Who you came here to be
£ 1,020 12 Weeks
  • 12 x Coaching Calls
  • My Book The Journey
  • Weekday Support
What Others Say

Your questions answered

That depends on what you want help with, your intention is everything. But in general terms my coaching will help you to; Live with Passion and Purpose, Improve your communication and relationships, create more inner peace, set healthier boundaries, unleash your creative powers, let go of old stories and attachments and live with more joy and freedom.

We can get stuck in a loop with our thoughts if we are left to our own devices. Having a guide and container to express your thoughts into allows you to lay them out in a more linear and understandable format.

Approximately 1 hour depending on where you’re at and what you need in that moment for support.

Either via zoom or whatsapp audio voice call.

Depending on the package you choose you will receive a number of weekly coaching calls, a copy of my book The Journey to the Centre of your Soul and regular support and access to myself.

The coaching calls will include deep reflective conversations, guided meditations and or distant energy balancing.


Let's Connect

My name is Adam Stansbury a Life Journey Facilitator and I’m here to reconnect you with your sacred mission and the magic within, I’ve had over ten years of experience as a coach helping hundreds of people to find a deeper understanding of themselves through movement and life philosophy.

If you would like to work with me then book in for a FREE 30 minute Introduction call, so we can meet each other and discuss your needs.