How to Integrate a Psychedelic Journey

Not integrating a psychedelic journey is like reading a book but never putting the knowledge from the book into practise.

Not integrating a psychedelic journey is like reading a book but never putting the knowledge from the book into practise.

It then becomes a form of spiritual entertainment rather than about making long lasting change and experiencing personal transformation.

If you are new to psychedelic exploration it can be very easy to get caught up in the ‘visual expectations’ of an experience, where much emphasis is placed on visual manifestations of beings, shapes, colours and alternate universes, rather than the more subtle and useful lessons that come through which you can use to help you in your life.

It is these subtle lessons and experiences that we can integrate and use in our lives. Being blasted into the cosmos is no doubt a beautiful experience but how do you make sense of that and use it to live on Earth for the rest of your life?

In order to Integrate these experiences fully into your life there’s three key ingredients I invite you to consciously use as part of your post experience integration work:

  1. Space – Create space in your life post journey, block out your diary and turn off your phone, let people know that you’re offline for a few days, the longer the better. You’ve given yourself the gift of a life changing experience, so give yourself the gift of space out the other side, so you can fully utilise what you have experienced. You’ll know when you’re done.
  2. Peace – In the container of space that you’ve created add a generous portion of peace, turn off loud noises and distractions. That includes noisy and distracting people, places and things. Peace allows all the pieces of your self to settle and reform. Imagine a peaceful sea with little to no waves, where the sand is allowed to settle back to the bottom.
  3. Solitude – Now place yourself in that container of space and peace that you’ve created. This environment will allow the magic of integration to take place. Being on your own and giving yourself time to contemplate and journal about the experience you’ve just had, really honours what you’ve been through and gives it time and space to be absorbed into your being, so that true transformation can take place.

If you use all three of these ingredients you’ll be well on your way to getting the most out of these life changing psychedelic journeys and will avoid the continuous use of them as a way of escaping.

“When you get the message, hang up the phone.”

Alan Watts

Remember these are tools to help you with life. Life is the main event and psychedelics are just a supplement to assist with the process of life.

I wish you a bon voyage and beautiful journey through all your psychedelic experiences and thus through life, should you need any further coaching or 1-2-1 support to Prepare, Navigate and Integrate your experiences then click here for more information about my psychedelic coaching services.

Peace out and Plant Power



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