The Inner Journey

Your personal adventure to find out who you really are and the life that is waiting for you.

Are you fulfilling your true potential?

The Inner Earth life journey program
Inner Earth 6-Week Program

A Journey of Self Discovery

Inner Earth is a 6-week visionary program of self-discovery that will take you deep through your inner world on a journey of personal transformation and self-realisation.

Are you curious about Psychedelics?

Psychedelic Journey Coaching

Learn to Prepare, Navigate and Integrate

Psychedelic Coaching and Support can help you to make some sense of your experience, and how you can integrate the lessons into your life, that will benefit you and others around you, rather than distancing yourself from society, we are here to wake up and then help others to do the same.

My Latest Book Available on Amazon


The Journey to the Centre of Your Soul

by Adam Stansbury

The Journey to the Centre of your Soul is a guide for those who are willing to ask deep questions about their relationship to life so they may uncover who they are and who they want to be.