My Mission...

Is to guide and support you towards a deeper understanding of your Mind, Body and Spirit.


Life Coach
Personal Trainer
Energy healer


Writing, Reading, Philosophy, Training, Plant Medicine, Psychedelics, Animal Flow, Weightlifting, Kettlebells, Nutrition, Travelling, Shamanism, Energy Work, Healing, Movies

My Life Journey has been diverse and has given me a real depth of life experience. I have always enjoyed using my body and life as a laboratory to learn from. It provides us with all the knowledge we need for our journey and lessons to pass on to help others.

My philosophy is based on my life experience. From extreme dietary beliefs and protocols, the physical training for body building shows deep inner work with plant medicinces and psychedelics, training to become a Reiki Master and self-publishing two books in two years. 

Along with my journeys through illness, financial debt, relationships, and the lessons that marriage, divorce and deep heartbreak have gifted me with.

Every day is a school day.

I’ve always known there’s a well of creativity in me. My imagination as a child was always vibrant. I had an imaginary friend, constructed worlds to play in, and created games to amuse myself.

I’ve been a dreamer my whole life, but it took me many years to embrace my imagination and find a way for it to thrive in the ‘Adult World’. I’ve been surrounded by highly talented and creative soul friends who have always inspired me.

I picked up musical instruments and tried my luck at art, but nothing stood out and stuck. Initially, my creative medium became apparent by writing articles for websites, blogs, and social media. As all other attempts at creativity have fallen away, writing has remained.

I see writing as ‘sculpting with words.’ Fine tuning the script and chipping away at a block of proverbial marble until you reveal the masterpiece beneath.

At the beginning of 2021, my first book, ‘Plant Powered,’ was self-published. It’ book ended’ a 7-year journey into veganism, fitness, and plant medicine. Although I am no longer vegan, it still serves as an excellent book for anyone looking to delve into this topic. 

Plant Powered is available on Amazon here >>

At the end of 2021, I finished my second book, nothing to do with nutrition and fitness, this time on life philosophy, paving the way for the next phase of my life. It is called ‘The Journey to the centre of your Soul.’

This book was born out of the painful ending of a relationship breakup, which gave creative fuel to a project that had lingered around in my aura for some time.

The book was the ‘glue’ that I had been looking for to bring together the pieces for my online group coaching concept that looked and sounded great but didn’t make practical sense until they did. In April 2022, the realms of ‘Inner Earth’ were finally born.

The Journey to the Centre of Your Soul is available now on Amazon here >>

The normal definition of a Life Coach, is someone who is qualified to help you with all areas of your life, clarifying goals, identifying obstacles and coming up with strategies to achieve those goals and move passed the obstacles.

I prefer the term ‘Life Journey Facilitator’, as it more accurately describes my role as someone who is there to support and guide you on your life path, asking the right questions so that you can find the answers within you by consulting your unique wisdom.

I became a Personal Trainer in 2009 after finally admitting to myself that my’ inner geek’ would be nourished and found in weight training, nutrition and all things fitness related, which had already been a big part of my previous life as a model for six years.

After three years of learning from some of the best Personal Trainers in London, I moved to Devon at the beginning of 2012 and found an incredible organisation called Winners 2000.

As an organisation that year, we won ‘Gym of the Year’ at the National Fitness Awards, and the following year I won ‘Gym Based Personal Trainer of the Year’, a great honour to receive.

I also took part in five Fitness Modelling and Body Building shows from 2009-2013, which taught me a lot about the body, food psychology, and life philosophy.

In 2014, I adopted a plant-based diet for ethical and environmental reasons.  I had eaten meat my whole life and was completely immersed in the fitness industry and the bodybuilding world’s obsession with animal protein.

I went on a 7-year journey with plant-based eating and plant medicine healing from the UK, Peruvian Amazon, and Ibiza. This plant-based immersive period of my life has profoundly impacted me, resetting my body and mind at a cellular level and giving me a spiritual upgrade.

“Changing the world starts with changing yourself first.”

At the beginning of 2022, my body asked me to start eating some meat again, a pull so strong my ethical reasons could no longer hold back. I decided to start allowing myself to eat animal products when my body called for it—eating flexibly and intuitively.

This change has also been a big part of letting go of the old to allow the new to come in.

My journey has taken me from a very superficial unconscious beginning and on a profound inner journey of self and life-discovery.

I worked with people on a physical aspect for many years. I realised what I could do for people was limited and that we do not consist of just one layer. So to focus solely on that without looking at the bigger holistic picture didn’t make sense to me anymore if we want to optimise our human potential truly.

Reiki kept coming into my life in some way or another. Firstly a very close friend of mine, Joanna, became attuned to Reiki, and the concept resonated with me deeply. It was something that made sense to me and that I understood innately.

I then met my first Reiki Master, Rory, at a spiritual retreat in the UK. I bonded with him and became attuned to Level 2 in 2015.

Reiki then left my life for a couple of years until 2019, when it came back with force, and I decided it was now time to realign myself with it and reattune myself to Level 2 Reiki with a new master.

It made poetic sense that I would train with my best friend Joanna, who was now a Reiki Master and introduced Reiki to me several years before she started her journey.

In August 2020, I moved to Ibiza to start a new journey living abroad and start my Reiki Masters with her. I completed my Reiki Masters in March 2021 after a fascinating and challenging period living in Ibiza.

We are all connected through a web of energy in this reality, so connecting with someone’s energy on the other side of the planet should not be a surprise.

I now bring that energy awareness into everything I do and every interaction. The force is always there, in and around us.

In 2005 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, then six months later appeared on the December 2005 cover of ‘Healthy For Men’. In January 2006, I was submitted to the hospital for an emergency ileostomy operation due to a severe blockage of his large intestine.

Over the next 18 months, I went through 4 serious abdominal operations. I used a colostomy bag for the duration of that period. The largest operation in October 2006 removed the whole of his large intestine and constructed an internal pouch in the place of my colon. While still training in the gym and working as a full-time model once I’d recovered from each surgery. My case was even written up in a medical journal because there had at the time been very few cases of Ulcerative Colitis causing the damage the way it did.

After each operation, my digestive system shut down, making eating and absorbing nutrients a struggle. This meant that I couldn’t maintain my muscle and body mass, which my body would break down. So after each operation, I had to rebuild my body which gave me a new challenge each time, but I enjoyed the focus. This gave me a massive understanding of how the digestive system works and the dedication needed to persevere through hard times and know that you will get better and come out the other side mentally and physically stronger from experience.

This journey instilled resilience to anything that life must throw my way. Two years after, I finally followed my dream and qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2009.

I then decided to challenge myself and my body to compete as a Fitness Model in Bodybuilding shows from 2009-to 2013 to see just what I could achieve with my body and prove it still worked perfectly.

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

This quote I now have tattooed on the side of my body represents the journey I went through and all of life’s challenges we go through. These challenges give us access to a deep part of ourselves that can only come out during difficult times.

I believe we go through these challenges not just for ourselves but also for others so that we may pass back our wisdom and share our journey to help guide, support and inspire others on their own hero’s journey.

Thanks to all my challenges and life experiences, I can offer insight and support, facilitating others on their Life Journeys.