Plant Powered

By Adam Stansbury

The global fitness industry is rapidly expanding and worth over $83 billion, helped by the influence of social media and its obsessive focus and lust for the body beautiful via animal protein.

Do we really need that much protein to optimise our Health, Body Composition and Performance or is this just clever marketing, capitalising on the belief that more equals better?

Plant Powered will show you why and how transitioning to a Plant Based Diet can alleviate much of the destruction associated with factory farming, whilst providing us with all the nutrients we need, not just to survive but to thrive.

Stefan Le Roy
Stefan Le Roy
Amazon Review
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My wife and I had been doing an awful lot of thinking about making some serious changes to our food choices, when this stunning book caught my eye! I virtually completed the book over a single weekend and am now convinced that these changes are not just the right thing for us, but for everyone, even if the changes need to be incremental for some. We can all make a difference to a problem that effects all life on earth, and the author's personal story is one that is meticulously researched with compelling and convincing arguments. The story, the recipes, the training advice, and the nutritional details are all superb. I've been entertained and educated in equal measure. This is a book for our time!

Transform Your Body and Our Planet