What do Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and my book have in common?

They all provided the inspiration that led to the creation of my Inner Earth 6-week program of self-discovery. Let me take you on a journey as to how these three elements provided the fertile soil for this unique and special program to grow in.

Take heart from the moral of this story, which shows just how non-linear the powers of creation can be and how much patience you need to allow time for the necessary pieces of your puzzle to fall into place, and for that proverbial bun of ideas to rise and bake in your oven, until it’s ready to be served.

1. Carl Jung and the King, Warrior, Magician, Lover

First stop is Dr Carl Gustaf Jung the legendary and influential psychologist who was at the forefront of the psychoanalytical movement. He created the theory of the ‘collective unconscious’ which consists of instinctual and universal thought patterns that humans developed over thousands of years of evolution. Jung called these primordial behaviour blueprints ‘archetypes.’ and that no matter who you were these patterns of human behaviour are imbedded in all of us.

The book ‘King, Warrior, Magician, Lover’ was written by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette who took the concept of Jung’s archetypes and used it to create a framework that explained the development of mature and integral masculinity in men.

According to the book, masculine psychology is made up of four major archetypes: King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover. In order for a man to achieve mature masculine strength and energy, he must be in touch with all four.

Now this fascinated me and I saw how powerful a concept this could be as a guide for others to follow in looking at parts of themselves for the purpose of self improvement.

I also believe these archetypes have feminine opposites which I chose to name for my Inner Earth program: The Queen, The Shield Maiden, The Witch and also The Lover.

The book is amazing I can highly recommend it, here’s a link to Amazon…

2. Joseph Campbell and The Hero’s Journey

I love stories, movies, books and tales that take you on a quest with a chosen character or group of characters, who travel far and wide through magical, dark and challenging lands and environments, meeting other beings along the way. All of which ultimately force our plucky heroes and heroines to grow from these challenges in becoming new more self actuated versions of themselves.

So when I first learnt about Joseph Campbell and his work on the mythological concept of ‘The Hero’s Journey’ it really struck a nerve with me, it is the metaphorical journey of life that exists in all of these mythical tales and that is at the heart of all of our journeys through life, we are all on our own hero’s journey I believe.

I watched ‘The Power of Myth’ a documentary series that Joseph Campbell did from the 1990’s that is now available on Amazon Prime, I can highly recommend it, he had such a beautiful way of speaking about the ancient cultures and origin stories, where all these mythological concepts come from.

Watch it here on Prime…

…also available on Gaia I believe.

3. My Book: The Journey to the Centre of your Soul

I sat down in June 2021 and started sketching out an idea for a transformation coaching program that would take someone on a metaphorical and visionary quest into the heart of what makes them who they are, so that they can emerge victorious, complete with renewed understanding of who they are and who they want to be once they have undertaken the journey and are out the other side.

But at the time it didn’t quite make sense to me, I really didn’t know how to make it work, there were pieces missing and a whole heap of self-doubt crept in about whether I was just wasting my time day dreaming, so I put it to one side knowing that there was something there but it just wasn’t ready yet.

From that point in 2021 until the end of the year I went through my own emotional rollercoaster of a journey and breakup, which led to the birth of my book.

At the start of 2022 as I was finishing the editing of the book I realised that I had just completed the missing puzzle of my Inner Earth program, now with the content of my book as a tool for life guidance the journey made sense.

I then had what felt like a divine download of inspired action that came in about April that year, creating the structure of the 6-week program and all the content. I finished the course and uploaded all the content ready to go for when my book went live on Amazon in July 2022.

Two months later I recorded the audio book which came out a year later in 2023.

Not that I’m biased but I must say the book is pretty good and so is the audio book! 😉

Amazon 📖

Audible 🎧

*These are for Amazon and Audible UK but also available in US and Europe.

Where is the journey of Inner Earth now?

I have taken a handful of clients through the program with amazing results, it really has been a joy to go on a journey with clients through a world that I have created and envisioned but that is having a profound impact on people’s lives. You can read a few of the testimonials on my website here.

Last year I had to put the project to the side again, I had taken it as far as I could at that time but I knew once again when the time was right I would pick it back up and finally let it fly.

Well since everything that has happened over the last couple of weeks it has started beckoning me to put new energy into it again, now is the time and I’m super excited to start sharing it again.

It really has been such a journey within a journey that is of a journey, it’s all very meta but those who have been on this journey with me for a while will understand and for those who haven’t been here for long, I hope you stick around to see where it takes us.

So if you have anything in your life that is important to you and that inspires you but it is not quite moving where you want it to, just step back, give it room to breathe and if it is meant to, it will call you back when the timing is right to unleash it into the world.

Trust that nothing meant for you in life, will pass you by.


ps. If you’d like to find out more information about my Inner Earth program, how it could help you and whether the 1-2-1 or Group option is more suitable for you, then click here to book a call with me 👈

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