How to Survive Living in Limbo

Limbo - an uncertain situation that you cannot control and in which there is no progress or improvement.

Limbo – an uncertain situation that you cannot control and in which there is no progress or improvement.

If you’ve ever done a bungee jump, you’ll remember that there’s this point after the first bounce where you are neither going up or going down, and it’s scary because you have no point of reference, nothing to cling onto and no defined direction.

I’ve observed that much is the same when we arrive at a point in our current life cycle where we are neither going forward or moving backwards and we are left with this overwhelming drive to escape this state.

What if we just got comfortable sitting with it?

Because so much of our life is spent in a perpetual state of motion and change, there’s confusion and disorientation when life calls us to just stand still, even just for a while.

We resist when we move and we resist when we stop, and all we manage to create when we resist is suffering.

So, when you find yourself in that place again, just surrender to it, and take a breath. Use your time to contemplate and appreciate the space and stillness.

Life is busy getting the next steppingstones of your journey in place, ready for you to continue your adventure.

From my experience presence and acceptance are the best tools to deal with this momentary uncertainty that we all invariably experience in life, the key is to not wish it away or live in the future but to just deal with what is right in front of you, in this moment on this day.

Stop, and smell the roses, even if the petals have died because you can be sure of one thing. That Spring will arrive once again, and you will blossom into the next grandest version of your evolution.

Here’s a little poem that I wrote when contemplating my own limbo:

Be Present with Fate

Surely at some point I need to stop dying and start flying,

This infinite loop of death and rebirth has become so tiring,

I know my life is the accumulation of choices made, of adventures taken but in the process what have I forsaken?

During times of turmoil and confusion I long for calmness and peaceful resolution,

But is that really the solution?

Will it be enough when the returning cycle of peace arrives?

Or will the need for change and expansion once again arise?

Experience informs me YES of course that will be the case,

So maybe I just need to accept this fact,

And be present with my fate.

Welcome to the pre-sent moment 😉🙏

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