The Power Of Eating Intuitively

You may be wondering what led me to become so obsessed with the concept of Living Intuitively. For me, Living Intuitively combines the ways we Eat, Move, and Think.

You may be wondering what led me to become so obsessed with the concept of Living Intuitively. For me, Living Intuitively combines the ways we Eat, Move, and Think. However, my intuitive realizations began when I observed my relationship with the food I eat and its impact on our individual and collective health.

This is a call for anyone who hears it to start connecting deeply with their body. Set aside your belief system and societal conditioning for a minute, and ask your body what it needs. Allow your body to answer honestly and start trusting the responses you receive.

My journey with food has taken me on a wild ride, much like most of us. It made me realize that food and nutrition have been the means for me to connect with my inner workings, a means to an end but not the ultimate goal.

My intuitive eating journey started long ago after receiving criticism from teachers at school about my weight. This criticism fueled a passionate obsession with fitness and bodybuilding, which led to an increased need for animal protein to build my body. However, this obsession with animal protein put me in a self-imposed prison. I yearned for something to break me free.

Enter ethical veganism, which spoke to my heart and liberated me from the unconscious consumption of animal protein for just over 7 years. I spoke and wrote extensively about it, even publishing a book called “Plant Powered Fitness” in 2021. However, after its publication, I realized that it wasn’t the answer; it was just another piece of my puzzle.

Veganism had freed me from obsessive meat eating and conditioning, but it also confined me to another box. In January 2022, I started eating meat again and felt great. I could feel the strength and energy returning, but I didn’t completely disavow veganism as it still resonated with me in many ways. Those impactful 7 years had left a lasting impression on my ability to think outside the box and make alternative food choices.

One of the most challenging aspects of having the freedom to eat anything again is the absence of boundaries. This compelled me to choose food based on the messages my body gave me rather than relying on belief systems, societal conditioning, or clever food marketing. I wasn’t bitter about my veganism journey; I felt empowered and grateful for a new perspective.

I understood the benefits of eating more plants and how to create plant-based meals. However, I also recognized the satisfaction of consuming fish and meat at times. It all came together for me last year during a plant medicine retreat in the Colombian Jungle. While our on-site diet was 100% plant-based, including lots of fresh fruit and juices, I also felt the need to incorporate a few eggs every other day.

After 9 months of eating meat again, it felt wonderful to consume mostly plants. However, around 3-4 weeks in, my body signaled that it required something else. Unencumbered by the noise, guilt, and anger of being vegan, my body could reach out to me and express its desires: “Dude, I love what you’re feeding me right now, I feel amazing, but I’d really like something else, something meaty. In fact, I’d love some fish!”

So, occasionally, when my body made its wishes known, I would venture into the local town for dinner and enjoy fish, chicken, or a pizza with real cheese. It felt great, but I didn’t need to indulge daily. I observed myself going through this cycle every 3-4 weeks over a 2-month period. That’s when I realized that I was now eating intuitively, and the freedom I felt from that was truly liberating. I began making food choices based on what my body requested, rather than eating simply because I could or out of habit.

Many of the issues we face as a species on this planet stem from our disconnected relationships with the environment, each other, and ourselves. It is this separation from the natural world that causes us to forget that we are part of nature, not separate from it. And the disconnection we experience with our innate intuition is, in essence, a disconnection from nature itself because we are nature.

By embracing more intuitive thinking, eating, moving, and living, we can reconnect with our nature once again. We can reconnect with nature. Rather than playing out-of-tune musical notes that drown out mother nature’s grand symphony, we can once again harmonize with the orchestra of life.

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