An Important Message For You

Take from it whatever you will, if it resonates great, if it doesn't great. I just felt called to offer a little reminder to help you on your way.

For a moment put aside what you’re doing, what you’re thinking and allow this message to land.

Take from it whatever you will, if it resonates great, if it doesn’t great. I just felt called to offer a little reminder to help you on your way.

Imagine that as a soul your ultimate purpose is to always be learning and progressing towards a higher state of consciousness.

Moving ever closer to the ultimate wisdom of the source of all things, from which you came.

So now imagine that for a soul to incarnate as a human being on earth, you are choosing the hardest and most challenging route towards enlightenment, harder than any other realms of existence but also the fastest and most effective because of its level of difficulty.

Now imagine that you chose all the elements that will make up your personal movie. You chose your fellow actors, the locations, the character traits and the experiences that you will have in order for you to learn what you need to learn, as a soul for your next evolution.

Now imagine that to make this task and journey much harder and therefore more rewarding you must forget everything you have planned, everything you have known before this current human life and even forget every other previous incarnation you have had.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to visit Earth and use trial and error, to figure out the grand mystery and purpose of your life as you go.

But you will not be alone, everyone here with you and around you is going through the exact same experience but for different reasons and outcomes.

You are all also blissfully unaware of the connection you have to each other and the agreements you made during your ‘pre-life’ planning to assist and guide each other along the way.

Some of your fellow souls love you so much and care for your progression that they incarnate as challenging and difficult actors in your story. Whilst in your human form in this experience you may loathe and detest them but unbeknown to you whilst in this form, you love each other deeply.

You will all take pieces of information and messages from your interactions with each other, sprinkling breadcrumbs on each other’s paths, so that you can find your way back home.

Some souls may Journey with you in the human realm for days, weeks, months, or years.

Some souls may come in and out of your life at specific times, almost miraculously, but the reality is that you’ve just forgotten what you planned together before you came.

Some may leave your life abruptly, leaving deep sadness, grief and confusion but it is always for good reason that you may not be aware of, for you and for them but one day you will meet again and remember why they had to leave.

As you move along your journey and experience life, you will begin to remember, you will start to have visions, and feelings for people, places and things.

You will start to join the dots, for life must be lived forwards but can only be understood looking backwards.

You must start this journey with only three tools:

  1. A powerful brain.
  2. An ingenious body.
  3. And the most powerful tool of all, that can be used for creativity or destruction, free will.

You’ll also be naked and at your most vulnerable when you start this journey and when you leave, you will leave it all behind, taking with you the lessons you learnt and the impact they had on the growth of your soul.

Although you planned everything out before you came, the final cosmic joke is that you can still mess it all up but no matter how badly you mess it up, you will always be loved more than you can imagine.

And if you do, once you’ve rested in the great beyond and reflected on the choices you made, you’ll be encouraged to come back and have another go at it, until you do get it right, but this time with a different combination of actors, locations, and experiences.

You will all get the chance to be on life’s stage once again, playing new roles and wearing news costumes.

This is your Life Mission if you choose to accept it, how you choose to play it, is up to you.

Good luck and may the source be with you.

I’ll see you at the end.

ps. I’ve been wanting to express my beliefs on the human life journey, as much for my own peace but to also share that peace with others who may take comfort from the message, story or poem.

It was finally inspired to come through by three friends who have recently lost family members, my thoughts and love are with you all.

I thought this may bring comfort to anyone struggling with what this crazy life journey is all about.

You’re right on time and exactly where you need to be.


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