Does Everything Happen For A Reason?

We can choose to either look at life happening to us or for us.

We can also argue that no one can prove whether one is right and the other is not but what we can prove is that choosing to look at life happening for us is a much more pro-active and empowering way of navigating life’s challenges.

If we choose to believe that life is happening to us through random events that we have no control over, then we will sink into a nihilistic state, that there is no point or meaning in anything and that we have no power to affect our future or the world around us, depression may ensue.

Or we can choose to believe that life is happening for us and that not only are we responsible for how our life is unfolding due to the actions and decisions that we’ve taken, but that it is simultaneously giving us lessons and showing us deep insights into who we are and where we need to look next in order to improve our lives and to find the answers we are looking for.

If we choose the latter, then it becomes apparent very quickly that not only can we read life with more understanding but that we have total control over the reality we choose to create and thus live in.

My 6-week online program Inner Earth will help you to look for and find the clues that are all around you and within you.

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