Why We Can’t Do It Alone

There is no such thing as a self-made man or woman.

Neither do you have to!

Today’s topic is something I’ve struggled with over the years, being a bit of a lone wolf who enjoys working things out on my own but as I get older and have more life experiences to reflect back on, I realise…

Nothing of importance that I’ve achieved could have been done on my own.

This topic has come up for me this week as I’ve spent much time alone, pondering what’s next for me and reflecting on the exciting news that the audio version of my book ‘The Journey to The Centre of Your Soul.’ will be available on Audible within the next couple of weeks.

(listen to a clip at the end of this article) 👇 

I’m really proud of the book I wrote but I’m really excited about the audio version because I know many of us consume our content through our ears these days and it was produced in an amazing studio in London, courtesy of one of my amazing friends, thank you Mark.

Without Mark the audio book wouldn’t have happened, full stop. He not only gave me access to the studio where he works and recorded it with me over three hours, late at night last August but he spent his time after work editing the files for me.

His wife was also about to give birth to their second child and he was already working long days and late nights at the studio but still he found time to help me and finish the audio book.

My Dad gave me the support mentally and financially that helped me self-publish my book in the first place, without his help it wouldn’t have been published in the first place.

My friend Jonah gave me £1,000 last October out of the kindness of his heart to pull me out of a sticky situation whilst I was in the Colombian Amazon, which allowed me to continue my journey.

I wouldn’t have won Gym Based Personal Trainer of the Year in 2013 had it not been for the persistent encouragement and support of my boss at the time, Simon Jefferies at Winners 2000 in Devon.

Not to mention my Mother and Step Father who have supported me over the years and are currently providing a roof over my head as I make my next life move.

I could go on and on writing an infinitely long list of wonderful souls who have helped, supported and guided me on my life journey and in fact I did as much in the Acknowledgements section of my book!

So I guess I’m writing this today as a thank you to all the unseen souls who have been, who are and who will be part of my life in the future.

Any success we have is really thanks to the chance meetings, conversations and support from special souls along the way.

I know I have also helped my fair share and so have you, this is the magical way that the tapestry of life is woven, interconnecting separate parts that are all one.

As Arnie said in his recent documentary on NetFlix, “I am not a self-made man, because so many people have helped me get here.”

Thanks to you all


ps. If you would like to listen to a sneak clip of the Introduction to my audio book, just click on the link here  🎧👈

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