What Value Do You Place On Personal Transformation?

Recently I’ve pondering what to charge for my 12-Week 1-2-1 Coaching experience and decided to take a look into a more flexible and mutually beneficial payment structure.

I read the book ‘Pay What It’s Worth’ by Tara Joyce and was captivated by the thought and intention that goes into diving into the scary world of not setting fixed prices for your services.

It feels like a very powerful element to add into the coaching process from the start and one that will create deep trust between me (the coach) and you (potential client).

It’s not for everyone, especially if you aren’t ready to go deep and let go of some triggering stories around money and self-worth but if it intrigues you then read on.


‘Paying What It’s Worth’ is not to be confused with ‘Can’ or ‘Want’ as it requires a much deeper deliberation from you in terms of the value you place not just on my value as a coach, but also on the value that you place on your own personal transformation and future self.

It also requires me to know my business well and to explain the value of working with me, so that we both arrive at a similar point of understanding.

✅ It creates a bond and trust between us that promotes honesty and fairness.

✅ It promotes an abundant, giving mindset from the outlook in both of us.

✅ It creates a deep layer of accountability in both of us before we begin and a powerful energy we take into the transformative coaching process.

If you’re intrigued to know more about my approach to pricing and how it works for my 1-2-1 Coaching then just click here.

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